What is it like to use?

It's easy using any of the REGAINE® products

Fitting REGAINE® into your day is easy. To apply REGAINE® Foam or Solution, just follow these steps once in the morning and once in the evening before bed.

Applying REGAINE® for Men Extra Strength Scalp Foam

Step 1

Part your hair to expose your scalp, Make sure your scalp is dry.

Step 2

Press the nozzle to dispense the topical foam – about half a capful.

Step 3

Rub the foam into your scalp and gently massage it throughout the affected area. Wash your hands and you’re done.

REGAINE® Foam goes on easily, dries quickly, and shouldn’t interfere with your current hairstyling products.

Applying REGAINE® Solution

  • Make sure your scalp is dry
  • Within the hair loss area, part your hair to expose the scalp
  • Applying directly to the scalp, use one of 3 different applicators: Pump Spray Applicator, Extended Spray-tip Applicator or Rub-on Applicator; (full instructions are given in pack)

Before styling your hair with gel or mousse, or going to bed, be sure to allow the solution to dry completely.

It's easy to get into a REGAINE® routine

What do you do twice a day? Exactly – brush your teeth! REGAINE® is quick and easy to apply and so make it part of your daily routine!

3 things to remember :

  • Once in the morning
  • Once in the evening, about half an hour before going to bed
  • Leave roughly 12 hours between applications

Do :

  • Always use the recommended 1ml dose (or 1g when using REGAINE® Foam)
  • Any massaging of the scalp should be gentle to minimise hair breakage
  • If you use a comb, make sure it's got rounded, widely spaced teeth
  • Be patient – results won't happen overnight

Don't :

  • Don’t get lazy with your routine. If you stop treatment, you will not only lose the hair that grew back, but you'll most likely revert to the previous pattern of hair loss
  • Don’t worry if you miss an application. Just keep to the routine of morning and night
  • Don’t worry if you notice some hair shedding during the first few weeks – this is normal and is a sign that your follicles are making way for new hairs
  • Don’t forget: regrowth takes time, so stick with REGAINE® Extra Strength Foam for 16 weeks and with REGAINE® Extra Strength Solution for a year(women should only use for 8 months).