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  • How long does it take before REGAINE® starts to work?

    This will vary. Clinical studies have shown that regrowth can occur as early as 8 weeks when using REGAINE® Extra Strength Solution. But it can take up to 16 weeks to see results. Just bear in mind, results will vary from person to person, so you just need to be patient.
    When you start using REGAINE®, you may notice a temporary increase in hair loss in the first 2–6 weeks. This is entirely normal and is actually good news – it shows that your hair is shifting from a dormant phase to an active growing phase.

  • Will REGAINE® work for everybody?

    No, there are several factors that may influence the effects of REGAINE®, including:

    • The predominance of hereditary hair loss in your family
    • The length of time you have been losing your hair
    • The specific type of hair loss condition you have
    • The area of hair loss on your scalp
  • How long will a bottle or can of REGAINE® last?

    Based on the recommended dose, approximately 30 days. As you near the end of one bottle/can, make sure you buy your next pack so you don't miss any applications.

  • If I use REGAINE® more often will it work faster?

    No. Your hair won't grow any faster or better if you apply it more than twice a day and you increase the risk of side effects.

  • How long should I keep using REGAINE®?

    You should keep using REGAINE® for as long as you want to maintain the effect. If you stop using the product, you will lose the hair that grew back and will most likely revert to the previous pattern of hair loss.
    If you haven’t seen any results after using REGAINE® Extra Strength Solution for one year (8 months for women), you should discontinue using the product.

  • What if I accidentally spill some on my face?

    Don’t panic, there’s nothing to worry about: just wash it off with lots of cool water straight away.

  • What should I look for as a sign that REGAINE® is working?

    You should begin to notice that you're losing much less hair. You might even begin to see new hair growth that may be soft, downy and lighter in colour than the rest of your hair. Over time, this hair should thicken and blend in with rest of your crop.

  • What happens if I stop using REGAINE®? Will I keep my new hair?

    No. If treatment is stopped, you will not only lose the hair that grew back, but you will most likely revert to your previous pattern of hair loss. However, if you stop using REGAINE®, at least you won't be worse off than before.

  • If I wear a wig while I wait for new hair growth will it affect the results?

    It hasn't been determined if this affects the regrowth rate with any REGAINE® Extra Strength Solution.

  • Will REGAINE® stop my hair turning grey?

    No, we're not miracle workers. Sorry. Try a hair dye!

  • Can I use REGAINE® if I've already had a transplant?

    No studies have been conducted to determine the safety and efficacy of REGAINE® for people having had a hair transplant, so, no, we don't recommend it.

  • Will REGAINE® affect the condition of my hair?

    REGAINE® Extra Strength Solution can help strengthen and thicken your existing hair. There's no evidence that it will do any harm but there have been some rare reports of a slight change in colour or texture.

  • Will REGAINE® make my scalp more sensitive to the sun?

    No. If you plan to be in the sun after applying REGAINE® we recommend you use headwear. It would also be a good idea to wait until REGAINE® is completely dry before putting a hat on as the product might stain the fabric.

  • Should I use a special shampoo while using REGAINE®?

    It's not essential, but we do recommend using a gentle shampoo.

  • Do I have to wash my hair before applying REGAINE® and if so, how long should I wait afterwards before applying it?

    You don't have to shampoo before applying REGAINE® but if you do, make sure your scalp is completely dry before applying it. This is simply to ensure that REGAINE® won't be diluted or evaporate before it has been fully absorbed.

  • Can I continue my normal hair care routine, using conditioners, wax, etc. while using REGAINE®?

    You should continue your hair care routine as normal, but choose your haircare products carefully. Gentle shampoos and conditioners suitable to your hair type are best and always rinse them out thoroughly. If using any sprays, gels, wax or mousse, make sure that the REGAINE® you're using is completely dry before applying.

  • Can I use a hair dryer while using REGAINE®?

    You can use a hair dryer after shampooing, but REGAINE® should be allowed to dry naturally. If you use it to dry the medication the heat will cause it to evaporate before being absorbed into the scalp. Regular use of high heat can also damage your hair.

  • Can I go swimming after using REGAINE®?

    Yes. But you should wait until the treatment is completely dry before taking the plunge. Don’t apply an extra dose of REGAINE® after swimming, wait until your next application.

  • Can I have my hair dyed or permed if I'm using REGAINE®?

    Yes. Stick to your normal hair care routine but make sure you tell your hairdresser that you're using REGAINE®. Explain that any massaging of the scalp should be gentle to minimise hair breakage, and that if they use a comb it should have round, widely spaced teeth.