Are you Losing Hair?

Identifying Male Pattern Baldness

If your plughole is filling up with more hair than usual, then unless you are going through a very stressful period in your life, the chances are you are looking at early signs of male baldness.

is it happening to me

  • You could be losing hair from the crown and you are probably noticing signs of a receding hairline – possibly both
  • You’ve probably looked at other members of your family and noticed your hair is following a similar pattern to theirs. But it’s not necessarily the case you will follow the same pattern – your hair loss may prove to be less, the same or more
  • In some cases, baldness is due to medication, stress, poor nutrition, surgery and even hair care techniques

The good news is that if it's hereditary, you can help prevent further hair loss – starting today with REGAINE® Extra Strength Solution.

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